Confidential survey on bullying and sexual harassment


It’s time to speak out about bullying and sexual harassment in our profession.

Dignity Matters bullying harassment survey

Over the coming weeks, the Law Society will be inviting everyone on the Roll of Solicitors, and Law School trainees, to participate in the Dignity Matters survey. The survey, which is confidential, will enquire about solicitors’ and trainees’ subjective experience of previous or current work environments in Ireland, specifically as it relates to bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment.

This research project has been initiated as a result of a member motion that was passed at the 2020 AGM. The survey is the first step in the creation of an evidence-based programme of action to address bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment in the solicitors' profession and to support a culture of dignity, respect, and inclusivity.

Independent external consultants Crowe have been appointed to deliver this survey. They will adhere to ethical research guidelines, protect participants’ confidentiality, and participants will not be bound, in any way, by their answers.

Every experience counts

The survey is not just for those who have experienced oppressive workplace environments. It is vital that the Law Society hears from everyone, including those who have not been affected, to fully establish an accurate depiction (positive and negative) of workplace culture.

You may have been a bystander or personally affected by bullying and / or sexual harassment, or you may work in a positive workplace culture void of such behaviours. In all instances, we would like to hear about it.

We would also encourage solicitors who are no longer practising to take part in the survey as your contribution has the potential to add additional insights and understandings.

The endgame

A change programme to implement the final research report’s recommendations will follow, upon approval by the Law Society Council.

We hope you can join us in this change, participate in the survey, and have your say on these important issues.

Check Your Email

Crowe will make contact by email with everyone on the Roll of Solicitors to provide details about how to participate in the survey. The Law School will be in contact with trainee solicitors regarding their participation.

If you have any questions about the survey before then, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Julie Breen, who is coordinating the roll out of the Dignity Matters survey for the Law Society.


This article originally appeared in the 20 April 2021 Member eZine. For more information, and to subscribe, visit eNewsletters.