Change in form of Oaths for Executor and Administrators


From 1 March 2021, the forms of Oath for Executor and Oath and Bond for Administrators (both Intestate and with Will Annexed) will change.

Streamlining Oaths

SI 590 of 2020 sets out the form of the new Oaths and Bond. In particular, the Oath and Bond will be one document and the distinction between real and personal is being abolished in the Oath for Administrator. There will be a Part A and B in the Oath with the Bond being included in Part C for Administrators.

Part A will have a lot of the relevant information and in  Part B the ‘boilerplate’ clauses will refer back, in each case, to the information provided in Part A.  Part C, the Bond, also refers back to Part A.

The Law Society will be holding online CPD sessions setting out the nature and extent of the changes and the effect on practitioners.  


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