CAT update


See an update from the Probate, Administration & Trusts Committee on a recent Revenue eBrief and new Regulations.


CAT and Payment from trust capital to fund CAT liability of life tenant

Revenue eBrief No 108 of 2022, uploaded on Friday 13 May 2022 informs us of the publication of the updated version of CAT Tax & Duty Manual Part 19 Miscellaneous.

The updated section 19.21 deals with the CAT treatment when trustees of a life interest trust pay the CAT due by the life tenant from the capital sum.

CAT and the obligation to only supply details of prior aggregable benefits of beneficiaries in the SA. 2

In the eZine of 22 November 2021, the Committee informed colleagues that Revenue have changed the SA. 2 so that only aggregable benefits need to be listed for beneficiaries.

This has been confirmed in SI No. 204 of 2022 CAT (Electronic Probate (Amendment) Regulations 2022.