Access to Justice Conference 2021


An upcoming open-access conference will be of interest to members of the public, practitioners, academics and those with an interest in legal and justice matters.

Mr. Justice Frank Clarke and other experts will speak at this event, organised by the Office of the Chief Justice in conjunction with the Law Society of Ireland, FLAC Free Legal Advice Centres, The Bar of Ireland and the Legal Aid Board.

About the conference

Equality before the law is a fundamental principle in a democratic state. To achieve it, there must be access to justice. To that end, a Working Group on Access to Justice has been established by the Chief Justice.

As access to justice encompasses so many areas and there are a number of current initiatives which plan to achieve reform in this area, the Group wishes to host a conference to identify the strands of access to justice that will form the basis of its work.

It will also provide an opportunity for groups and individuals with unmet needs to engage in a conversation about what is needed to make improvements. To download the full programme and concept note, click on the image below.

access to justice conference

Booking information

This conference will take place from 9 am to 12.15pm on Friday 1 October and 8.50 am to 2 pm on Saturday 2 October. Places on Saturday 2 October are limited.