Launch of Cybersecurity section


A new section on cybersecurity, to raise awareness and inform Law Society members, has been launched in the Solicitors’ area of the Law Society website.

Be prepared

With the increased integration of technology on our everyday lives, the risk of being subjected to a cybercrime attack has increased significantly.  A recent Smith & Williamson Law Firm survey (November 2016) reported that there has been a near 50 per cent increase in the number of cyberattacks reported by Irish law firms in the past year.

The profession can best protect itself against such an attack by ensuring it is aware of the type of risks involved and attacks being perpetrated, that it maintains its knowledge base up to date at all times and that it implements current best practice guidelines to protect itself.

The new cybersecurity section can assist in this through:

  1. Raising Awareness - see examples of some typical cyberattacks that have been experienced by solicitors.  In order to keep these relevant, fraud alerts will be included on the site as soon as an incident comes to the Society’s attention. 
  2. Reporting incidents – we have provided an online Incident Report Form to allow solicitors to report any cybercrime attack to the Society (can be anonymous).  This incident will be included in the fraud alert section, ensuring that the profession is aware of the different type of frauds attempted at all times.
  3. Education – details of upcoming CPD courses on cybersecurity will be listed when available.  The site will also include a list of safeguards to be implemented in order to minimise the risk and impact of such an attack, along with articles and publications on the area that are relevant to the profession and links to useful websites.

For more information, visit the cybersecurity section.

If you have any queries, contact email