A new website has been launched for the Law Society of Ireland Gazette magazine - providing a daily legal news service for legal professionals and the general public.

New website

The Law Society Gazette is now also available online with the added benefit of daily news updates, including stories from our award-winning magazine.

Browse all your favourite articles, opinion pieces and photos online, plus much more. The site includes:

  • Top stories
  • Analysis
  • Editor’s Picks
  • Current magazine in PDF
  • Archive of past Gazette issues
  • Photo/video galleries, and
  • Videos.


Members and current subscribers have free digital access.

New subscribers can choose a full subscription or digital only which includes access to a large archive of Gazette issues:

Gazette Over Audio

One of the most innovative aspects of is the launch of our new narrated journalism service. The Gazette joins other illustrious publications such as The Economist, The New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg News and The Irish Times in providing this service to readers, in collaboration with our service partner, News Over Audio (NOA) - the global leader in narrated journalism. You will be able to stay informed by listening to Gazette articles being read by professional voice artists on your mobile device or desktop computer.

Readers can already avail of this subscription service for a fee at Simply download the ‘NOA: Journalism narrated’ app, or visit The service featuring Gazette articles will be available for Gazette subscribers free of charge on the website shortly. 

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