Executive Leadership Programme

Discover the Law Society Finuas Network Executive Leadership Programme 2017

Executive Leadership Programme

About the Executive Leadership Programme

This innovative programme has four modules and is designed to work around your busy professional schedule. It takes place over three weekends at the Law Society of Ireland: 

MODULE 1: Leadership in Perspective Fri 28 April (9.30-3.30pm)

MODULE 2: Leading Self; Uncovering your Inner Leader Fri 28 April (3.30-5.00pm) & Sat 29 April (9.30-5.00pm)

MODULE 3Leading People; Leading People for Business Breakthrough Fri 26 May (9.30-5.00pm) & Sat 27 May (9.30-5.00pm)

MODULE 4Leading Business/PracticeMaking your Leadership Real Fri 16 June (9.30am-5.00pm) & Sat 17 June (9.30am-5.00pm – including programme review).  

Why do this programme?

Are you ready to:

  • Transition from managing to leading?
  • Have the edge over your  competition?
  • Develop a powerfully engaged team that supports the work you do?

If the answer to these questions is yes - then this is the place you need to be. 

Individual Executive Coaching

A unique feature of this programme is the inclusion of three (1.5 hr) executive coaching sessions with members of the programme delivery team who are all experienced Executive Coaches. Each module is supported by a pivotal 'one-on-one' session offering confidential professional support with your leadership development. 

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Apply by 21 April

Apply now for the Law Society Finuas Network Executive Leadership Programme which starts on 28 April and takes place at the Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7. Course fees are €4,080 (discounted fee is €3,400). See more information and book online. 

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Course delivery team

Executive leadership programme delivery team


This programme ran for the first time in 2016. Below are just some of the comments from our successful New Leaders:

The leadership programme was beyond all shadow of a doubt the most life-transforming course I have been on. I have taken a great deal from it and applied to it to my role.
Kevin O'Leary, Solicitor, Cork County Council 

'I cannot recommend this course highly enough'
Hilkka Becker, Deputy Chairperson International Protection Appeals Tribunal - Refugee, Migration and Human Rights Lawyer

'Innovative, challenging and hugely rewarding. Highly recommended'.
Helen O’Neill, Law Agent, Fingal County Council  

'I took part in the Law Society Finuas Network Executive Leadership Management Programme with 12 others. It was the most worthwhile professional course I have ever undertaken. It was extremely well organised and hands on from day 1. There were some hugely impressive contributors and the skills learned have greatly benefitted my practice and I hope my team members. It was hugely enjoyable.'
Barry Creed, Solicitor and Partner, McDermott Creed & Martyn

'The Course was extremely insightful and was well worth doing. I am still referring back to tips I picked up on the course and it gave me a structure and tools to use for well into the future.'
Louise Cushen, Solicitor, Planning and Environmental Law Specialist, ESB Business Service Centre