Executive Leadership Programme

Details of the 2019 Law Society Finuas Skillnet Executive Leadership Programme will be announced shortly. For details email FinuasSkillnet@lawsociety.ie

Executive Leadership Programme

Law Society Finuas Skillnet

  • Interested in developing leadership skills and knowledge?

  • Want to influence change – and make an impact with your career?

  • Curious about what motivates you - when you lead and when you follow? 

Hear what other colleagues have to say about this course in the short video below:


More information on the programme

The course commenced on 12 October 2018 and the location is the National Gallery of Ireland. Details of next year's programme will be available in 2019.

For an overview of the programme:

Professional services are changing - rapidly. The uncertainty of a post-Brexit market, coupled with a multi-generational workforce demand new ways of engaging with people and with business. While leadership can seem simple - bringing others along with us - in reality, it is often challenging and stressful, and is always highly complex.

Our Programme is designed to tackle the intricacies of effective leadership. We equip participants to take control of their careers and exert leadership and influence in all kinds of professional settings. We have successfully trained lawyers from a range of sectors including (large, medium and small scale) private practice, corporate, in-house, general counsel, local authority and other governmental bodies. Our Programme also attracts professionals from other sectors - adding to the range of perspectives and expertise within the group.

This innovative programme has four modules and is designed to work around your busy professional schedule. 


  1. Leadership in Perspective; Setting the context led by Antoinette Moriarty & Eadine Hickey
  2. Leading Self; Uncovering your leadership style led by Antoinette Moriarty & Philip Matthews
  3. Leading People; Leading People for success led by Colette Cahalane & Clare Vallely
  4. Leading Business/Practice; Making your Leadership real led by Eadine Hickey & Katie da Gama

Director of programme

Antoinette Moriarty’s broad experience, in a range of professional sectors, has given her a unique expertise in developing leadership capacity in professionals. Her training as a psychotherapist adds depth to the work she does and she particularly enjoys generating curiosity about less conscious aspects of personal and professional life. Antoinette’s overall goal with this Programme is to empower participants to create careers that are impactful, engaging, challenging and life-enhancing.

Partners - Resonate Leadership, PM/Philip Matthews and SEVEN; Psychology at work

We partner with leading dynamic consultancies from the worlds of business, psychology, organisational development and executive coaching. Our facilitators are passionate about leadership and bring a wealth of leadership development, as well as national and international experience to the Programme.

Why do it?

Investing in leadership training is a highly effective way of preparing yourself - and your area of practice or business - to go beyond survival and begin to thrive.

This six-month programme will focus on your unique leadership potential. We enable you to develop your personal leadership style; provide you with 360-degree feedback from carefully selected colleagues; and support you to implement your new skills within your area of practice/business.

Individual executive coaching

A unique feature of this programme is the inclusion of 4.5 hours of personalised Executive Coaching, allowing participants to confidentially and safely deepen their self-awareness as well as their understanding of others.

Online resources and online community of leadership 

Each module is supplemented with excellent online materials, useful resources and activities, enabling participants to actively embed leadership skills and knowledge throughout the six-month programme. 


Antoinette Moriarty

Antoinette Moriarty
Antoinette has over 20 years’ experience designing and leading professional and executive development for lawyers and other leaders. Trained as a psychotherapist in Dublin and at Metanoia Institute, London, Antoinette is particularly interested in exploring the inter-play between our professional roles and our personal identity. In addition to her private Psychotherapy and Executive Coaching practice (www.professionaltherapy.ie), Antoinette leads the Law School Counselling Service and designs the psychological elements of solicitors’ training.

Phillip Matthews

Phillip Matthews
Phillip combines over 30 years’ leadership experience to Board and CEO level with his leadership associate faculty work. He works in a challenging and supportive way to help clients become aware of their need for development and change, and enables them to achieve that change. Philip is a former Ireland rugby captain whose qualifications include BSc and PhD Zoology as well as Smurfit Business School, UCD Diplomas in Executive Coaching and Advanced Executive Coaching. Phillip is also a Certified Team Coach (TCI International).


Colette Cahalane

Colette Cahalane
Colette is a key member of the SEVEN team involved in the design and delivery of bespoke assessment and development programmes for clients. Colette is an Executive Coach and has received the European MCC’s Senior Practitioner Level Award. She is also qualified in the use of a range of psychometric and personality assessment instruments. Prior to joining SEVEN Colette was a HR & Talent Development Manager in Microsoft Ireland for seven years. She held a number of roles partnering across different areas of the business to develop sustainable high performance environments for teams and individuals.


 Clare Vallely

Clare Vallely
Claire is also a key member of the SEVEN team and is a qualified coach, certified in the use of a range of psychometric and personality assessment instruments. She is a graduate of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and a member of the CIPD and the Institute of Training & Development (IITD). Claire has extensive experience in career and executive coaching and has worked with a variety of clients to improve business and behavioural performance. Claire actively ensures that her leadership consulting and coaching services are of the highest standard.

 Eadine Hickey

Eadine Hickey
Eadine is a leadership development consultant and accredited Master Executive Coach with Resonate Leadership. She has a passion for supporting people as they develop their capacity for leadership. Eadine has over 20 years' international experience in consulting (Accenture), financial services (General Electric and IFG) and leadership coaching. Eadine holds a degree in Actuarial and Financial studies, an MBA and PG Diplomas in Business and Executive Coaching and Coaching Psychology.
Eadine’s approach to leadership development is significantly influenced by her training in the 'Art and Practice of Leadership Development' at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MA, USA.

 Katie da Gama

Katie da Gama
Katie has over 20 years’ experience as a legal professional (both Barrister and Solicitor) and, until 2018, was the Managing Partner of the Dublin office of an international law firm.  She is a CEDR accredited mediator and is currently working towards a Professional Diploma in Business and Executive Coaching.  Katie’s interest in the design and delivery of leadership programmes stems from her experience of co-facilitating such programmes in conjunction with University of Cambridge.


This programme ran in 2016 and 2017. Watch the short video below to see what participants thought of the Executive Leadership Programme:


Below are just some of the comments from our successful New Leaders:

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough"
Hilkka Becker, Chairperson, International Protection Appeals Tribunal - Refugee, Migration and Human Rights Lawyer

'It is no coincidence that this happened [promotion] when I completed the leadership course – the course taught me so much about myself and gave me the confidence to do a good interview, as myself and as an ‘adult’ - It worked for me!'
Karen Trant, Director, Gas Networks & Water Regulation 

"I found the leadership course to be of immense benefit to me in developing and realising how I could be a better manager and achieve greater outcomes in my dealings with colleagues. The course is extremely well managed by Antoinette Moriarty and facilitated by many expert trainers. The scope of each module, four in total, was clearly explained to the participants and what the trainer expectations were from us and indeed our own of them. The learning was fun if thought provoking at times and involved much engagement by enjoyable group workshops. There was much to reflect on personally after each module and the final one covering adaptive leadership was most beneficial of all. We were a somewhat disparate group of participants at the outset of the course, but by the time we completed the course some six months later, were a well-knitted team of friends with common goals."
Randall Plunkett, Head of Case Management, Insolvency Service of Ireland

"This was one of the best programmes I have ever participated in. The facilitators were knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter and the fact of the programme being “facilitated” and not “taught” led to some excellent group discussions into different aspects of leadership and the range of challenges which come with leading. The result was learnings and insights which I could apply directly and instantly in my work environment to great benefit (both to myself and the organisation)."
Damian Maloney, VP & General Counsel, Element Fleet Technology Limited

 “I just cannot say enough about the course. I think for me the value of the course far exceeded the ambit of leadership.  It was all about the conversations that it opened up especially with my female colleagues. It was great to share details of our trials and tribulations.  Women make up a large percentage of the legal profession. However, I think that we are not supporting each other as much as we could.   It is the shared experiences and shared stories that make us realise that we all have our ups and downs.  But we come out at the other end when supported along the way.”
Patricia Hynes, Solicitor, Fitzgerald Solicitors

"The leadership programme was beyond all shadow of a doubt the most life-transforming course I have been on. I have taken a great deal from it and applied to it to my role."
Kevin O'Leary, Solicitor, Cork County Council

"Innovative, challenging and hugely rewarding. Highly recommended."
Helen O’Neill, Law Agent, Fingal County Council

"I took part in the Law Society Finuas Network Executive Leadership Management Programme. It was the most worthwhile professional course I have ever undertaken. It was extremely well organised and hands-on from day 1. There were some hugely impressive contributors and the skills learned have greatly benefitted my practice and I hope my team members. It was hugely enjoyable."
Barry Creed, Solicitor and Partner, McDermott Creed & Martyn

"The Course was extremely insightful and was well worth doing. I am still referring back to tips I picked up on the course and it gave me a structure and tools to use for well into the future."
Louise Cushen, Solicitor, Planning and Environmental Law Specialist, ESB Business Service Centre


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