Finuas Network

The Law Society Finuas Network is a solicitor training Network promoted by the Law Society of Ireland. The Network aims to develop the expertise of legal firms to an international standard and thereby enhance the global competitiveness of member firms competing in the arena of international financial services. The network is led by a steering group which includes the following members: William Fry, Mason Hayes & Curran, Fexco, Kingspan PLC, Walkers, Elavon Financial Services and the Law Society of Ireland.

The principal aims of the network are to promote and support the continued development of network members. This is a strategic response to the existing and emerging competitive challenges and opportunities facing legal and taxation advisors in the international financial services sector, this network provides the necessary specialised training, enabling solicitors to compete on an international platform to attract international firms to the Irish jurisdiction.

The secondary aim of the network is to develop the skills of existing staff and expand the pool of high value, specialised and market-appropriate skills within the industry. This is achieved through the specialised nature of the legal, taxation and global business training courses, in particular, the delivery of the Post-Graduate Diploma in International Financial services Law.

In recognition of the increased demands now on lawyers, the network is extending its suite of Programme into the fields of executive leadership, organisations development, people and talent management and FinTech Law.

Who is eligible to apply for membership of the Law Society Finuas Network?

All solicitors’ firms in the private sector within the republic of Ireland are eligible to apply for annual membership of the Law Society Finuas Network. Membership is for the firm and NOT the individual.

Who is eligible to attend training courses and network events?

All member firms of the Law Society Finuas Network and their staff can attend ALL Law Society Finuas events - up to 20% discount is available for members. 

Benefits include

  • Up to 20% discount on all Law Society Finuas seminars, Law Society Finuas certificate courses, workshops, and conferences.  This specifically excludes Certificates and Diplomas provided by the Law Society Diploma Centre.
  • Up to 20% discount on all Law Society Finuas seminar & conference materials

Thank you for your support in attending our training events and we look forward to welcoming you to future events.

How to apply for membership in 2018
Download the application form for 2018.

How to book a Law Society Finuas Network training event 
Simply complete a booking form and you will automatically receive up to 20% discount.

Contact us
Contact a member of the Law Society Finuas Network team on 01 8815727 or by email:

See more details of the Finuas Networks Programme 2018 on the Finuas website.