2nd Annual Ireland and UK Streetlaw Best Practice Conference

The Law Society of Ireland's Diploma Centre is delighted to host the 2nd Annual Ireland and UK Streetlaw Best Practice Conference on the 14 -15 September 2017.


About the conference

  • LOCATION: Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7


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Streetlaw is a public legal education programme where law students teach the law in schools, community groups and other organisations. Streetlaw programmes aim to educate people on their legal rights and responsibilities using an interactive methodology which encourages participants to actively engage and to understand how the law relates to them.

The Law Society of Ireland is delighted to host the 2nd (Ireland & UK ) Streetlaw best practice conference. This interactive two day conference is geared towards legal educators, those involved with Streetlaw projects and those seeking to develop Streetlaw programmes. (Irish solicitors interested in Street Law may be interested in our specialised Solicitors in the Community - Street Law Programme). 

The 2nd (Ireland & UK) Streetlaw best practice conference will share Streetlaw best practice from across the globe and feature keynote sessions on:

  • The power of hands-on to avoid hands-up: How StreetLaw’s interactive methods help educate and engage youth around their civil and criminal rights -  Dr. Seán Arthurs, Senior Manager of Education Initiatives, National PTA.
  • Investigating public legal education ‘Study, Scholarship and StreetLaw’ – Richard Grimes, legal education and access to justice consultant.

The conference will also cover:

  • different models for community engagement through Streetlaw;
  • sample Streetlaw best practice sessions;
  • design a lesson workshops;
  • tips and ideas for developing your Streetlaw programme.

Join us for both days & enjoy the famous Irish hospitality!



Contact us 

If you have a best practice session that you would like to share at the conference please contact John Lunney with the details. Please note we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fit everyone into the programme.

If you have any further queries, please contact John Lunney or a member of the Diploma team on 01 672 4802 or by email.

  • The 2018 conference which will take place in Sheffield Hallam University on 13 and 14 September 2018.