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Spring 2017 MOOC in Employment Law

Applications are now open for our 2017 MOOC ‘Employment law in the digital era: Brexit, borders and offices without walls' – challenges and impacts in uncertain times.

This free course begins on Tuesday 9 May 2017. It will be delivered over five weeks online and features contributions from leading lawyers and employment law experts. The foundation of each week's release of materials will be a combination of approximately one hour of recordings, mixing interviews, and presentations. Further reading materials will be posted to support independent learning and promote peer to peer knowledge sharing.

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What is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)?

A MOOC is a free online course that is open to all and specifically designed for large numbers to participate. The annual Law Society of Ireland MOOC presented by the Diploma Centre embraces the Law Society’s access to legal education and the legal profession approach. To-date, the Diploma Centre’s MOOCs have attracted over 6000 participants from over 60 countries since they first launched in 2014.

In 2014 the Diploma Centre launched the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Aviation. This course ran for six weeks and covered an introduction to aviation leasing and finance and its beginnings in Ireland, technical basics, legal, financial and commercial.     

In 2015 we focused on the growing area of Technology Law. Technology has brought exponential change not only in our personal lives but also in professional practice, in terms of how legal practice is managed, the software used and the legal issues confronting clients in business. The MOOC, ‘Understanding the law in a digital age’, explored emerging issues of relevance to entrepreneurs who seek to exploit opportunities in this digital age and to existing organisations who must engage online to prosper. It also examined the importance of regulation, data protection, online privacy and the legal implications of rapidly-growing use of social media. 

Our 2016 MOOC ‘Privacy, a human right for the digital age’, was delivered online over five weeks and comprised presentations from experts in data protection and digital privacy, live online discussions and assessments, and the balance between an individual’s right to privacy and the efficient use of data by companies and other organisations. Specific content such as cyber security threats, the EU-US Privacy Shield – or the ‘Safe Harbour’ agreement as it is known – and the impact of emerging technology, including drones and ‘the internet of things’, are extremely topical and of interest to a wide range of people.