Law Society Skillnet Cluster Events

Law Society Skillnet runs CPD regional clusters throughout Ireland in partnership with local Bar Associations and with the support of Skillnet grant funding from Skillnets Ltd and the Department of Education and Skills.

Nine CPD regional cluster events took place in 2015 and six in 2014, involving almost every Bar Association in the country. We hosted ten CPD regional cluster events in 2016.

Law Society Skillnet Clusters have ended for 2016 - details of 2017 events will be available in February.

For the full list of CPD seminars, workshops, and conferences, visit the CPD courses page.

What is a cluster event?

A cluster is formed when a number of Bar Associations come together to identify the training they require for their members and the content and speakers whom they feel are most suitable to meet this requirement. In educational terms, it is regarded as training needs analysis, identification, design, and delivery. The Bar Associations identify their location of choice, the most suitable date, and the format for the day which usually includes a networking lunch and evening drinks reception. The clusters are about education, networking, and collegiality. The networking lunch and evening reception is just as important as the educational sessions as it provides a forum for problem sharing and solving and relaxation away from the office. The events have been running since 2012.

Contact us to arrange an event

The success of the Law Society Skillnet clusters is dependent upon many factors, including:

  • the support and participation of solicitors
  • the dedication and hard work by the Presidents, Secretaries, and CPD organisers in the Bar Associations throughout Ireland and
  • the work of Law Society Skillnet Steering Committee members

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