President & Council of Law Society of Ireland

The Law Society of Ireland is governed by a Council, comprising elected and nominated members of the solicitors’ profession. It also delegates statutory functions to a range of Committees.

The purpose of the Council is identified in the Charter of 1852 to act “for the better rule and government of the Society, and for the better direction and management of the concerns thereof”. The statutory functions of the Society, as set out in the Solicitors Acts 1954 to 2011, are exercised by the Council or by Committees to which the Council delegates those statutory functions. The Council represents the Society and its members both in the interests of the public and of the solicitors’ profession generally.

The functions performed by Council can be divided into:

  1. Education and admission
  2. Regulation and discipline, and
  3. Protection of clients.

Visual representation of Council & Committees

The Law Society has produced a useful infographic explaining the structure of the Council and Committees, and the process for the Council election. Click on the image to view:

LSI Council & Committees

You can also view the Council and Committees infographic here.

Know Your Council

The 2017/18 Council of the Law Society of Ireland took effect from 3 November 2017.

View photos and profiles of each Council member - Know Your Council.

A new Council will be elected in November 2018. See Council Elections.


The Act provides that the Council may appoint a Committee for any purpose which it believes would be better served by means of a Committee. They may also delegate, with or without restrictions, the exercise of the functions of the Council. Examples include Education, Finance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Regulation of Practice and Complaints and Client Relations.

The Council has also appointed committees to monitor and advise its members on best practice in a range of legal areas such as alternative dispute resolution, conveyancing, family law, litigation, taxation, probate etc.

Law Society members can login to access more details of committee activities and resources.

President and Council Membership 

Under its legislative framework, the Council of the Society is empowered to elect a President and Vice-Presidents from among the Council members elected in the annual national election. This is done at the Council meeting immediately following the Annual General Meeting in November of each year. Officers serve for a period of one year.

The Council comprises 31 elected members, four provincial delegates and 13 nominated members from the Law Society of Northern Ireland, the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association and the Southern Law Association. Past Presidents are entitled to attend Council meetings for three years following their year of Presidency.

Fifty per cent of the elected Council are required to retire annually and elections are held to fill the vacancies arising, with successful candidates serving for a two-year period. The nominated members of the Council are appointed on an annual basis. 

Council of the Law Society - for the year ending 9 November 2018

President: Michael Quinlan

Senior: Patrick Dorgan
Junior: Michelle Ní Longáin

James Cahill
Christopher Callan
Justine Carty
Brendan Cunningham
Maura Derivan
Paul Egan
Stuart Gilhooly
John Glynn
Richard Hammond
Eamon Harrington
Paul Keane
Liam A. Kennedy
Morette Kinsella
Martin Lawlor

Rosemarie Loftus
Barry MacCarthy
Flor McCarthy
Sonia McEntee
Michele O’Boyle
Daniel O'Connor
Deirdre O'Sullivan
Valerie Peart
Liam Quirke
Thomas Reilly
Imelda Reynolds
Catherine Tarrant
Brendan J. Twomey
Keith Walsh

Past Presidents
Kevin O'Higgins
James McCourt
Simon Murphy

Provincial Delegates
Leinster: Martin Crotty
Munster: Shane McCarthy
Ulster: Garry Clarke
Connaught: David Higgins

Dublin Solicitors Bar Association Representatives
Áine Hynes
Joe O’Malley
Tony O’Sullivan 

Southern Law Association Representatives
Robert Baker
Joan Byrne
Siún Hurley
Terence O’Sullivan
Anne-Marie Sheridan

Law Society of Northern Ireland Representatives
To be confirmed after AGM

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