Vote for Council

The council election is held every year. Nomination and voting is open to solicitors who hold Law Society of Ireland membership.

15-16 ordinary members, and 2 provincial delegates, are elected to serve for a 2-year period.

By using your vote, you can have your voice heard at Council and help shape the future of the solicitors’ profession. 

2018/2019 Election

Close of poll for the election to Council is 31 October 2019 at 5:00 pm, with the election count due to take place on 1 November 2019. Successfully elected candidates serve for a two-year period. 

Directions for voting

  1. The voter may vote for any number of candidates not exceeding sixteen or fifteen (depending on number of positions to be filled).  If the voter votes for more than that number, then the voter’s voting paper will be adjudged spoiled.
  2. The voter shall mark X opposite the name of each candidate for whom the voter wishes to vote.
  3. The voter shall insert the duly completed voting paper ONLY into the envelope marked VOTING PAPER and seal it.  No indication of the identity of the voter should appear on the voting paper or on the envelope marked VOTING PAPER, as otherwise the voter’s voting paper will be adjudged spoiled.
  4. The voter shall insert the voting paper envelope (containing the voting paper) into the larger outer envelope pre-addressed to the Secretary, and shall sign his/her name with his/her ordinary signature along the line marked and may, in addition, write his/her full first name and surname in block letters.
  5. The voter must return the outer envelope containing the voting paper envelope to the Secretary, by pre-paid ordinary post or otherwise, so as to be received at the Society’s premises at Blackhall Place, Dublin 7, by not later than 5.00pm on 31 October 2019 being the close of poll date appointed by the Council.  

More information

Please send any enquiries about the election to

View further information about the Council.

View an infographic of the Council structure and voting process.