Director General

The Director General is the Chief Executive of the Law Society with all of the powers and responsibilities usually vested in a Chief Executive.

In addition, the Director General is the Secretary of the Society with a number of further powers and responsibilities provided under the Solicitors Acts 1954 to 2008.

Director General Ken MurphyBroadly speaking, the Director General’s role is to manage the organisation and the people in it. In this regard, he works very closely with the Society’s Directors/Heads of Department. He is also the primary link between the Society’s Council, to which he is the chief policy adviser, and the Society’s staff.

The Director General works very closely with the Society’s President and both will frequently represent the Society at meetings throughout Ireland of local Bar Associations and also at international meetings of their counterparts from other countries.

The current Director General, Ken Murphy, took up office in March 1995. At the time of his appointment as Director General, he was a partner with the large commercial law firm A & L Goodbody and a senior member of the Council of the Society.

As Director General he frequently acts as spokesman for the Society in the media and he has represented the Society before Dail Committees and as a Society nominee on Ministerial Working Groups.