RMS Annual Operational Plan

See below for details of the Representation and Member Services Department Annual Operational Plan for 2021.

  • We will champion and defend the reputation of the solicitors’ profession and the Law Society by showcasing the contributions the solicitors’ profession and the Law Society make to Irish society through our own communications channels, in the media and in our marketing activities.
  • We will continue to build our relationship with the media and provide transparent, accurate and helpful information in response to their queries while respecting their deadlines. We will use a diverse range of practising members as spokespeople in both national and regional media coverage.
  • We will continue to improve our member communications and services so that solicitors are well served, informed and engaged as members of the Law Society. This will include a particular focus on digital communications, including improvements to lawsociety.ie, to support our Digital First strategy.
  • We will expand on the business supports we provide to small firm practitioners in order to help them achieve greater success for long-term sustainability of their practice.
  • We will conduct research into the effects of the pandemic on the businesses of firms to understand how the Law Society can effectively support the business recovery of the profession.
  • We will continue to support the wellbeing of our members through the Professional Wellbeing Project, which includes wellbeing supports, information, guidance, education and communications. In 2021 this will include completion of research into the prevalence of bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment in the profession. This research will be followed by implementation of recommendations to reduce and address these behaviours in the profession.
  • We will enhance the Society’s and the profession’s commitment to environmental sustainability by supporting the work of the Environmental and Sustainability in Practice Task Force. We will complete the transition to a “digital first” Law Directory with the development of a Law Directory app and an “opt-in” print option for 2021 renewal.
  • We will continue to support through communications and member services the Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) goals of the Law Society including further enhancements to the GEDI Charter and launch of a GEDI Policy Precedent.
  • We will ensure the Gazette magazine and Gazette.ie features the most relevant and readable content that informs, inspires and entertains our members. We will work to grow advertising revenue on both channels.
  • We will continue to provide, develop and market our core library services for members and trainees, including those participating in the PPC Hybrid. We will maintain services insofar as possible through the pandemic.
  • We will complete a full redesign and content review of lawsociety.ie to improve the user experience across all devices. We will continue to grow our social media presence using visually rich content, especially videos and infographics.
  • We will continue to build revenue from Legal Vacancies as we serve our members with this best in class job seeking website.