Promoting Integration

The Law Society of Ireland is committed to recognising and valuing all individuals fairly and equally and promotes diversity within the legal profession and wider community.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Society has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Statement to illustrate the Society’s commitment to creating and promoting a culture of inclusion, mutual respect and equal opportunities.

The Society reiterates its commitment to inclusion and diversity, particularly in light of the recent Governmental publication 'Migrant Integration Strategy - A Blueprint for the Future' and is proud to promote equal opportunities for all members of Irish society, regardless of their national or ethnic origin. It wishes to ensure that the legal profession and the public are aware of the Society’s position and encourages practitioners to embrace the culture of inclusion and equality.

Access Programme

The Society’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is demonstrated through its various programmes promoting equal opportunities for all and encouraging greater diversity. Such programmes enable students from different backgrounds and origins to consider a career in law and to access professional legal education. These include the highly successful Law Society Access programme, a scholarship programme that enables students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to gain access to professional legal education. This programme ensures that a broad range of solicitors enter the profession and reflect the diversity of Irish society.

TY Programmes

The Society also offers an innovative Transition Year (TY) work experience programme, Solicitors of the Future, providing students with an introduction to the solicitors’ profession. The programme is open to schools around the country and encourages TY students to consider a career in law, offers an insight into the role of a solicitor in practice and demonstrates how law can be relevant in people’s daily lives.  

A Street Law clinic is also run in collaboration with Georgetown University Law Centre, Washington DC, and the Trinity College Access Programmes (TAP). It involves trainee solicitors teaching TY students about law and the legal system in a practical way, in a number of Dublin ‘Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools’ (DEIS) schools and conducting a mock trial at the Law Society. Students are invited to the Society to experience first-hand what it might be like to train and study to be a solicitor. 

The Society is proud to be active in promoting and developing a culture of inclusion and equality and believes that the success of these programmes will continue to grow, bringing greater diversity and inclusion to the legal profession.