If you cannot login, first check the following:

  • Username - solicitors should enter the correct number as per your practicing certificate, starting with an S. Trainees should enter the number as per their student card but do not enter the leading zero.
  • Locked Out message - if you have received this message it means your username and/or your password was not correct. Please wait 15 minutes for your account to unlock to try again or to request a new password.
  • Don’t know/Forgot password - You can use this service to request a new password to be emailed to you. Click on the link below, enter your username and select Reset. Request a new password here.
  • Change Password - Once logged in, click on 'My Profile' or on your name in the top right-hand corner of the website to change your password. 

Still have a problem? Select from the applicable user category below for assistance: 



There are many resources available to solicitors in the members’ area including legal precedents, access to the job seekers register, online  membership renewal, CPD Scheme information, library booking service and much more.

The members’ area is only accessible by logging in with your solicitor number including the S (this is your username) and personal password. You can find your solicitor number on your practicing certificate and other Law Society correspondence. Login here.

If you have recently qualified or do not remember your password, you can request a password to be emailed to you - request a new password here.

If you need to check your username or email address, contact the webmaster.



The trainees area of the website is only for current PPCI and PPCII students attending the Law School. Login using your student id number and password to access News, Secondment CV Register, Practice Notes, Moodle and other resources.

Do not enter the leading zero (0) when entering your username/student number.

Please ensure you incude the www when accessing the site - rather than - or you may have problems accessing Moodle.

Please make sure you know both your Law Society website password and your network password (used to access the terminals in the college and for access to your trainee email account externally). 

If you have forgotten your website password, you can request a new password which will be sent to your trainee email account. Request a new trainee password here.

If you don't have your network password to access your email externally, you can reset your email password here.

For more information on your network password, see the I.T. Refresher Guide.

Please note that your login account will be disabled as soon as you finish your traineeship and a new login account will be set up for you when added to the roll.


FE1 Students/Public

Future trainees and members of the public can login to use the shopping cart (purchase exam papers or book courses), view previous transactions. Students can also upload their CV to the Trainee CV register.

FE1 students who have been provided with an FE1 number and password must use their FE1 number as their username to login, particularly if accessing exam results. Any other login accounts will be removed.

New Login Account

All solicitors and trainees have a login account for the website. If you don’t have a solicitor number, trainee number or FE1 number, you can set up a login account online to use the shopping cart or upload your CV to the trainee cv register.

If you're not sure if you already have a login account, please contact the webmaster.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password here.


Contact Us

If you have any queries about logging in or using the site, please email - we endeavour to respond within 1 business day of receiving your query.

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