Becoming a Solicitor

The legal profession in Ireland has a long and distinguished history. If you become a solicitor you will be joining a profession with a respected history of service to the law and the community as a whole. This history serves to make the profession easily adaptable to the ever changing needs of modern society.

Solicitors are professionally trained to provide clients with skilled legal advice and representation on all legal matters. Most solicitors work in private practice, but, commercial and industrial organisations also employ solicitors, as do the Civil Service and the public sector generally.

The work of solicitors varies as widely as the community they serve. However, the work of a solicitor may fall broadly into one or more of the following categories:

Advising private clients - covering various aspects of their personal and business lives and including such matters as marital problems, consumer complaints, disputes with neighbours, planning inquiries etc.

Business - the business world of trade and commerce, companies, contracts, and banking. Solicitors advise business clients on the numerous and detailed provisions of company, partnership, arbitration, insolvency, drafting, environmental, commercial, consumer, intellectual property and e-commerce law.

Litigation - initiating or defending proceedings in the courts or by reference to arbitration or settling such claims or disputes 'out of court'.

Conveyancing - the buying and selling of property and the arranging of loans, the preparation of title deeds, leases and countless other legal documents. Some solicitors are expert in the buying and leasing of commercial properties such as factories, shops and hotels.

Wills, Probate & Administration of Estates - advising on and preparing wills [planning for tax where appropriate], the administration and distribution of funds passing on death [whether by will or otherwise], or contained in a trust, and the settlement of tax liabilities.

Steps to qualification as a solicitor:

  1. The Preliminary Examination (for non-Graduates)
  2. The Final Examination - First Part (entrance examination)
  3. The Training Contract (24 months in duration)
  4. The Professional Practice Courses (PPC I & PPC II)

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