The Organisation

Organisationally, the Law Society is divided into four departments or directorates which come under the day-to-day responsibility of the Director General.

  • Policy, Communication and Member Services
  • Regulation
  • Education
  • Finance and Administration

The Director General

The Director General is responsible to the Council of the Society and works closely with its Officers. Through the Director General and his staff, the Society carries out the policies of the Council; supervises the regulation of the profession; provides substantial pre and post qualification education and represents the views and interests of the solicitors' profession to all with whom the Society comes in contact. The Director General of the Society is Ken Murphy.

Policy, Communication and Member Services Department

The Policy, Communication and Member Services Department focuses on the representational functions of the Society. The Department furthers the policies set by the Council and represents both the interests of the profession and the public interest in dealings with Government Departments, the legislature, policy-makers and other professional bodies. The Society’s communication function is represented primarily by the Gazette, eZine, website and the library service, which serves a vital information function for the profession. Other information services include publication of the Law Directory and the Society’s Annual Report. The Department also provides the key support for the Society's members. The Director of the Policy, Communication and Member Services Department is Mary Keane.

Regulation Department

The Regulation Department is located in its own premises in George's Court. It is responsible for monitoring compliance by practising solicitors with their statutory obligations and administering grant applications from the Compensation Fund.

The Complaints section of the Department investigates complaints from clients, the public and the profession. The Litigation section represents the Society in proceedings before the Disciplinary Tribunal and the courts. The Department also administers the issue of annual practising certificates to solicitors and the closure of solicitors' practices. Access the standard form Reporting Accountant's Report and Solicitors Accounts Regulations below:

The Director of the Regulation Department is John Elliot.

Education Department

The Education Department through its Law School in Dublin runs courses for those seeking to become solicitors ("trainees") and for qualified solicitors. It runs Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and post-qualification diploma and certificate courses for solicitors. The Education Department also services the trainee solicitor programme and administers a number of external and course-related examinations. The Director of the Education Department is TP Kennedy.

Finance and Administration Department

The Finance and Administration Department's primary responsibilities include the Accounts, Information Technology, Administrative and Commercial activities of the Society. The Accounts function works closely with the Finance Committee to manage the financial affairs of the Society, including its property and investments. The IT section manages two major databases covering members and students and two Local Area Networks supporting the Society's staff at two locations, the Law School at two locations, and remotely. The Facilities section of the Department manages the Society's premises at Blackhall Place and George's Court.

The main commercial services provided are the Four Courts consultation rooms, the sale of publications such as Requisitions on Title and the hiring of Blackhall Place facilities. The Director of the Finance and Administration Department is Cillian MacDomhnaill.

Annual Reports & Accounts

To view the Society's Annual Reports & Accounts, visit the About Us page.

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